Advancing a Competitive Workforce

The Workforce Advancement Federation runs Learning Journeys, Focus Groups and Events related to
the SME Workforce.
Some of our discoveries:

pic1Some SMEs do not know when or how they should start employing HR tools and functions.

pic1Most SMEs do not embark on systematic Learning and Development plans for their employees.

pic1PMETs find it hard to deal with SMEs of different work cultures.

pic1PMETs are unclear of work goals.

P-Max@WAF is a Place-and-Train Programme that aims to:

pic5Encourage SMEs to apply progressive HR polices, one step at a time.

pic6Empower newly-hired PMETs by equipping them with adaptability toolsets.

A Holistic Approach

The P-Max@WAF course fees are 90% subsidised by WSG;

At only $188, SMEs can expect a fruitful 2-day workshop that involves both your new-hire and direct supervisor.

Besides providing training for new-hires, the P-Max@WAF programme also works exclusively with a job-matching platform to bring the ideal candidate and job together.