JobsRibbonTM has technology that searches the best fit for both Job Seekers and Employers. Employers may make comparisons between applicants and invite them for interviews, and Job Seekers are alerted with opportunities that suit them most. JobsRibbonTM focuses on speed, and simplicity so that hiring becomes a lot easier. It strives to provide Job Seekers with opportunities that fits them best and to deliver exceptional value to Employers, saving time and enjoying convenience always.


SMEs that sign up through WAF will be given up to 2 complimentary jobs postings per month for 12 months (worth close to $500). Those who sign up before May 2017 will be given unlimited jobs postings for the first 6 months. Simply sign up for the P-Max@WAF programme and we will provide you with a promotion code that allows you to enjoy these privileges - absolutely free!


PMETs who sign up through WAF will have greater opportunities and exposure to hiring SMEs.