The P-Max@WAF training programme was put together after careful considerations of an SME culture and its limited resources. In this programme, we look to optimise learning without stretching our SME's resources.

Direct Supervisors will only be required to attend Day 1 of the training programme together with the newly hired PMET(s) to achieve the required synergy between both parties for optimal teamwork and results.


The Curriculum Goals

Experiential learning will be the main mode of learning at P-Max@WAF. The training programme will assist SMEs in
kickstarting progressive HR policies based on talent development.

Supervisors can expect the following topic outlines:

Goal settings to achieve and impact organisational growth
Coaching techniques to develop talents
Communication tools for quality results
Understanding and managing different personality types
Problem solving as a team

Course Fees


Total Amount Payable by SME


2-day PMET Workshop

PMET Workshop Course Fee


Less: 90% Funding by WSG


Subsidised Course Fee per PMET participant


1-day SME Workshop

SME Workshop Course Fee


Less: 90% Funding by WSG


Subsidised Course Fee per SME representative



Do I Qualify?

SMEs will need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for WSG funding support:
  • Companies1 registered or incorporated in Singapore;

  • Employment size2 (at group level3 ) of not more than 200 OR annual sales turnover4 (at group level) of not more than S$100 million;

  • At least 30% local shareholding5 being held by Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;

  • Hired a PMET within the last three months prior to enrolment into the programme, offering a gross monthly salary of at least $2,500.


1 Companies is used as a generic term and is intended to include non-business entities not registered with ACRA such as VWOs and societies, among others.

2 A company should include in its employment size any persons employed under a contract of service in accordance to the Employment Act. This is regardless of the nationality of the employee.

3 Group tracing

  • i. All corporate shareholders(s) holding more than 50% of total shareholding of the company and any subsequent corporate parents.
  • ii. All subsidiaries of the company.

4 Annual sales turnover refers to the revenue or sales turnover stated on the company’s income statement.

5 This criteria is not applicable for non-business entities.



If you are an SME with the intention to hire and develop talents within your organisation, you will be required to post your job openings on Jobs Bank upon signing up with us on the P-Max@WAF Programme.

P-Max@WAF also offers a fuss-free platform for you to upload your job postings on JobsRibbonTM. Simply sign up for the programme and we will provide you with a promotion code that allows you to post up to 2 jobs per month for 12 months - absolutely free!