P-Max@WAF takes pride in constructing a meaningful journey for any SMEs and PMETs embarking on the programme. We differentiate ourselves by creating unique touch points from recruitment, training to retention of a PMET in an SME.

The P-Max Journey


1. job-matching

In partnership with JobsRibbonTM, a mobile application that connects jobs to jobseekers, P-Max@WAF offers an easy and quick
solution for hiring SMEs and job seeking PMETs.

Companies will also be directed to Jobs Bank, a national platform where SMEs can post jobs absolutely free!

PMETs whom sign up through WAF will have greater opportunities and exposure to hiring SMEs

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2. TWO-day Training

Enrol your new or recently hired PMET together with his/her direct Supervisor for a 2-day training course at a 90% WSG subsidised rate of $188.

*Training fees are to be payable by participating SMEs

  • date1

    Joint training between Supervisor and PMET

  • date2

    PMET only training

With experiential learning and a joint training between new-hires and direct supervisors for Day one of the training programme, participants can expect:

Quality Engagement between new-hires and their direct supervisors

Enhanced Learning through the use of experiential learning tools and simulation

Valuable Toolsets for PMETs to be better equipped for an SME Culture

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3. SIX-month Retention

An interactive HR toolkit will be provided to participants at the end of the training sessions. Coupled with a monthly follow-up by WAF over a period of 6 months, the HR toolkit provides a proper communication channel between supervisors and new-hires. Here, WAF will provide PMETs and Supervisors with the right


Attention to ensure ease of use of the toolkit


Advice for any doubts related to the programme


Action to ensure seamless implementation of the toolkit


4. Assistance Grant

A one-time off grant of $5,000 will be disbursed to SMEs upon fulfilment of the below criteria:


Successful retention of newly hired PMET for at least 6 months


Successful completion of HR Toolkit